The Wilds? Sure, why not.

Bandit Camp

Session 2, January 27 2014

The party eats dinner at Oleg’s, deciding what our next move should be. Eventually, everyone agrees that it would be best to travel to the bandit camp, rather than wait for them to come to us. The trip to the enemy’s nest is a 3 day journey.

We head out later and begin the trek. When we feel that we are close to the bandit camp, but not so close as to have a fire detected, we set up camp for the night. Tracks are found nearby. It is determined that the tracks belong to some type of large hoofed animal, such as a large boar. Some of the party members decide to follow the tracks to see where they lead, but later terminate their investigation for fear of wandering too far from the camp. During the journey back, they encounter Kobolds, sleeping soundly in a garden of radishes. They appear to be adolescents. Marros confronts them and they awaken. He orders them not to grab their weapons. They move, and to Marros it appears that they are reaching for their weapons anyway, so he shoots one in its head. Terrified, the other three scatter, and Marros reflexively shoots another slaying it. This action causes much debate in the group and some feel that the kill was both unnecessary and unethical. Others feel that Marros was justified, and Kobolds aren’t to be worried over. Raercyn who wasn’t present tells Marros that he acted rashly and unwisely, and should pay death benefits to the Kobolds. Marros returns and leaves five gold on the corpses of each of the slain Kobolds. Regardless, the small, boar tracking team returns to the rest of the group safely and everyone rests for the night.

In the following morning, the camp appears to have been vandalized. Comical images of a variety of beasts have been rendered on the tents. Fey are suspected to have been the culprits. For the remainder of our journey we are pranked harmlessly. Once we are nearer to the bandit camp, we regroup and formulate a plan. We must cross a large river, and the only usable bridges are either at the bandit camp, or past it. The horses cannot cross. Some of the party crosses the river and approaches the bandit camp first. The camp is well fortified and there appear to be 15 bandits in all, including their female leader. She is the ‘wild one’ Oleg spoke of. When battle begins, the rest of the party arrives, joining the fight, but has difficulty crossing the bridge. It has the appearance of missing planks, causing problems for us. Many fall victim to the illusion.

As the battle becomes more intense some, such as Marros, take a more offensive approach while others, such as Raercyn, attack from the woods. Others still provide help in the form of spells. For a small portion, the river itself proves a great enough foe. Battle ensues for quite some time; arrows are spent, healing commences and some nearly taste death, but in the end each of our fellow adventurers survive. Unfortunately, the female leader escapes. All others with the exception of one bandit perish. The captured bandit agrees to work with Oleg to help him rebuild the fort when he is freed. For now, all we have is his word. . .

*Congrats to the entire party- we have reached level 2! !


Thanks for the post! I made a minor change to the Kobold misadventure post.

Bandit Camp

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