The Wilds? Sure, why not.

Giant Spiders

Session 3, February 10, 2014

  • Note: Everyone, I arrived late to the game and I feel that I may have fudged some of the names. If this is the case, anyone is welcome to make corrections, thank you!

We return home after our conflicts with the bandits. After our return to Oleg’s, we find that a soldier, Kestin Garris (?) and 3 or his comrades wish to speak with us. They wish to aid us in our adventurous pursuits. We need not their aid however Raercyn is pleased to find that one of the visitors, Jhad Keveen (?) is a fellow cleric of Erastil. They converse as the party divides up our spoils and sells many of our items. Later, we discuss what we are going to do about the bandits and everyone is unsure of what approach to take, as a retaliation from our foes is sure to take place. We do know that staying at Oleg’s is the best option for the night. During the night we wake to find a piece of parchment slid under our door. We read the note, and it is John(?), wishing to speak with us. We open our door, and find him inside, clearly shaken and fatigued. When we inquire about the note, he informs us that he had a nightmare and was not able to sleep well. He feels that the unnerving dream has some significance, and goes on to describe his vision:

There is a bear which exhibits the mark of Erastil. The fearsome creature lurks in the foreground as a temple looms on the horizon.

After explaining his dream, John (?) then goes on to say that the temple is familiar and he believes it to be nearby. With discussion, we decide to find the temple and explore it.

The next morning we depart, heading southeast of Oleg’s. Rain falls upon our party, making travel all the more difficult. As we progress, we come across fallen deer. After approaching the dead animals, we notice large holes in the side of their necks. Upon further examination, the holes are determined to be fang bites, most decidedly of a spider. We also notice holes in the ground, and decide to head in the direction of the spider. Tausa sends her fox, Vis, ahead to check the forest before us. As we go forth, we see an area were the foliage is parted and a flash of color catches our eyes.

The party progresses forward and before anyone has time to react, a monstrous, spider-like creature emerges from the ground with immense speed, grabs hold of the poor fox in it’s large mandible, then disappears as quickly as it came into the depths of the earth. Unsure of what to do next, we scan our surroundings and notice a strange mound in the ground where the fox disappeared and 4 other mounds like it throughout the ground. Tausa is fearful for the fate of her companion. Most of the party decides to wait above ground for the beast to emerge once again. Bedelia knows that Vis won’t last long in the clutches of the spider and decides to go in after him. Riding forth on her horse, she audaciously plummets from the saddle into the earth and right into the spiders lair. She falls a great distance, then makes contact with the spider below, causing some pain and damage to both herself and the devilish creature. After brief confusion, the spider considers it’s attacker and drops the fox, heading for the dwarf now caught in it’s web. Bedelia manages to fight off the beast and mantain her safety for the time being

Above ground, other spiders emerge, ready to attack. Tausa takes much damage and is carried away by her horse. She and her fox are both stabilized. The party does battle. Aasinas is fearful. Despite her delicate appearance, Gwyn fights vigilantly, taking down some of the foes. Markus sings with feeling as he infects the rest of the party with inspiration and gladly places arrows into the spiders’ flesh. Morwyn also battles the monsters and deals damage of her own.

Below, Bedelia fights of her spider’s attack, then with a suggestive spell, sends him to the surface to attack his brethren. Knowing she has to escape, our dwarven comrade stuffs the fox into her pack and begins to climb. After some stumbling, she too reaches the surface and crawls out of the hole in the ground. Once she has gained her footing, she happily smacks her spider attacker back into the ground.

After some further fighting, and Marros falling to the ground in critical condition, the spiders are all defeated. Bedelia and Raercyn provide healing to the party, including the fox. Tausa is found and she too is healed. The fox his happy to be well again and back by her side. Though we are shaken, we stand strong and continue to our destination and whatever mysteries lurk in her abandoned walls…



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